One persons trash is another persons treasure!

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One persons trash is another persons treasure!

One of the most exciting things I find on the beach is sea glass, a piece of glass that has been rolling around in the ocean for a long time, even years. The ocean does not use silk gloves as it wrestles the sea glass on this crazy journey on the bottom of the sea. It is polished in what would seem like baptism of fire in a magnificent conflict between sand, stone and sea.

The beach is the last stop for this now beaten and battered but mature sea glass which would nest well in the famous pendand of the Goddess Freyja, called Brisingamen. More often then not it ends as just another piece of trash on the heap but I guess the saying is true: “One persons trash is another persons treasure”.

All around the world there are people that use sea glass as a craft material and in fact the usability of sea glass is only limited to the imagination. The most popular use is in jewelry making and artwork but because not everyone has the time or access to walk the beach on a regular basis some make their own "sea glass" called Tumbled glass. tumbling.

Using this method of tumbling gives an artist an opertunity to get more variety in color, shapes and sizes as well as texture of the glass.

The sea glass the I use for my Sindrandi pebble art is handpicked from the beach and not changed or worked in any way just like all the other material used in my artwork. This is done by design as a part of the ideology and design of my art where nature is part of the design team.

Sometimes this decision gets in the way, when I need a heart shape piece in a certain shape or size, or when a family portrait needs the perfect head on on the subjects. But there in lies the challenge, because I find working with nature instead of against it is more satisfying and gives a more coherent artwork.

Next time you take a walk on the beach be on the lookout for sea glass, a real piece of sea glass is well polished and with rounded edges, the goddess Freyja has sent you the one and only precious Brisingarmen of the sea, congratulations :)

- Geirthrudur