Breytingar - New name, new approach but the same art.


Today I made the decision to change the name of my artwork to ... well my name! Truly it is long overdue because the name Sindrandi was something I used when I was decorating candles which I stopped doing in 2017. But since I had made Sindrandi my brand I just decided to try to make it fit.

The idea of changing the name started manifesting as I was doing the make over at my workshop. Little by little it became an idea that became doodles on paper and after that there was no turning back! I´ m positivie that this is a step in the right direction and I am excited to see what is to come.

And suddenly here we are! I hope you like my new logo and that this little change will make a connection between me and my work more personal and more approachable to thouse interested in my work. 

Kindest regards,