The balance of things and life by the sea.

Ares, dans, Fjaran, Fjölskylduportret, Glerbrot, Heimsspeki, Jafnvægi, labrador, Lífið við sjóinn, morgunstund, náttúran, veður -

The balance of things and life by the sea.

Life by the sea is a like a magical dance with nature, sometimes the dance is like a crazy foxtrot, but mostly it is like a wonderful gliding waltz.

The weather can be quite shifty but I am never afraid, it is more of an admiration and respect for this power that controls our lives more than we care to admit.

I am never bored by this dance, it keeps me focused and connected with nature, the envoronment and my self, this holy trinity that drives me forward as well as giving me balance.

The mornings are my favorite time of day as it starts with me sitting by the window that looks out to the ever changing fjord with my coffee cup, I inhale the sweet coffee scent and allow myself to enjoy the moment. In winter it is dark until Noon. Sitting so close to the sea I can feel the power so much it is almost palpable!

After a short meditation the family routine starts and everyone gets ready for their day. When the daylight finally arrives I go out to the beach with our family dog, Ares by my side.

The beach combing is almost an extension of the morning meditation as my dog and I focus all our energy to finding materials for my pebble art..

The material has allot to say about the subject of the pebble art, because even if I have some ideas I have to adjust them to the natural form of the material, but I think that makes our teamwork more interesting and fun.

There is a saying in Iceland "You can find me on the beach!" It is more of a threatening saying, like - I will find you no matter what. but in my case it´s the truth. If people need me I will be found on the beach no matter the day or the weather as all weathers have their charm and purpose.

Dark and dingy days pull out dark and redish colors, bright days pull out beige, brown and blues and in sunny days the wonderful sea glass shine like diamonds just waiting to be picked up for a new role in life.

The beach has a natural devide or neighbourhoods where big rocks group together at the bottom and middle but at the top in between all the shells and dry seaweed I find most of the pebbles for my pebble art.

There is an interesting sense of balance on the beach, each layer has a role where the wildlife enjoys the fruits of the sea and I get to enjoy what is left behind.

Heart shaped stones can be found all over the beach but it can take time to find the right one, thus art imitates life!

After my beach walks it is time to clean up the find of the day. Everything is boiled and cleaned and in the meantime I check the news and allow the steaming hot coffee to defrost my nose, fingers and toes.

I know that it is very important to try and sort and organize the material. Trust me I have gotten myself many times into trouble with pouring all of the material on the table after it is all clean and ready to be used and then try to work with in an organized fashion! My workspace is thus a permanent organized chaos but it is in keeping with how I work and I do not see that changing in the foreseeable future.

It happens to many collectors that sum of the things they have collected is never used but still have a place in the collection. I admit that my collection is full of pebbles and shells with no real use, but somehow I am not able to let them go, because who knows, perhaps one day that one pebble, exactly that pebble will be the one...who knew philosophy of pebbles could be so deep!

- Geirthrudur