Sheepish creatures

Herdísarvíkur - Surtla, hrútur, íslenska kindin, kindarlegar verur, kindur, tvílembd, ær, þrílembd -

Sheepish creatures

What "kind" (means sheep in Icelandic) of person does not love sheep?

The sheep are part of the landscape as we travel through the countryside, eating grass with two to three lambs orbiting them like the Moon orbits The Earth.

The Icelandic sheep is a very sufficient and hardy stock,. Some notable have been famous enough to have their own "sagas", as the case of the infamous Herdisarvikur - Surtla blessed be her memory :)

Sheep have been a part of Sindrandi Handcraft since the beginning. The first art piece was inspired by sheep and got the name Love in the highlands and shortly after that Sheepish

There have been many sheepish artwork since then and you could almost call it a Sheep-line as they are both fun and ch(yarm)ing to make.

The new sheepish creations are : Aer (Sheep), Hrutur (Ram) , thrilembd (three lambed , Tvílembd (Two lambd) and Saudur (another word for sheep) and they are made from felted Icelandic wool, sea glass or pebble, branches and some have flat periwinkles for horns. They are framed in a size 10x15 cm frame. Fun and light gift for shipping or a memorabilia from a visit to Iceland.

There are still a few available at the Little Design Store by Strandgata 19, Hafnarfjordur, but also available is to order through the website and one can be made as close to the original or your wishes as long as the material is available. For more information on Made to order visiti our website.

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