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Life and art!


In these strange times that we find ourselves living in there are a few things better then to be able to disappear into the world of crafting and find there a positive outlet for the situation.

I am lucky enough to live in a very creative environment near the ever changing nature that is a constant injection for creativity, and my pebble art is a manifestation of that creative joy. Last year I blogged about slow crafting (slow movement) and how I felt that concept resonated perfectly with my pebble art. I feel that by using that method in my artwork it has also somehow seeped over to my life outside of the art-space and thus life is now imitating art!

The calm and collected version of me now lives more in the now, where I try to keep a sufficient distance from the highway of the modern vortex but still keep in touch with current affairs.   

In the beginning of the year I blogged about the new year Clear vision 2020! In that I celebrated all the events my artwork got to participate in the year 2019 and how that and more was the path forward in the new year. But then 2020 happened and it soon became very clear that it was better to put those plans on hold and just wait and see. I did however stick to my plan of doing a workplace makeover as well as translating my webpage to English and with that (hopefully )outclass the Google Translate program in assisting my English speaking customers in navigating the website.

The year 2020 is soon just a flash in the review mirror and the future has not been written down and the "clear vision" I had for 2020 is long disappeared into the fog of good intentions. Next year is still a blank page which can be applied to most all future ideas, humans plan and the Gods laugh, so why stress over it! The future arrives everyday and if you are a part of the future or in the past is what separates it. So slow down, enjoy the time we have together, there is a saying in Iceland "maður er manns gaman" roughly translates that humans are each others greatest enjoyment and that has never before been more relevant until now! 

The goddess of art is on my side these days and I truly hope you will like the artwork coming soon to the webstore. I rush slowly but I recommend if you are interested in seeing some of my new work to follow me either on Facebook or Instagram f.e. stories, where I often show some of the artwork I am currently working on. Until next time: 

Please disinfect our hands, wear a mask where it is appropriate to do so, try and relax and laugh with the Gods this time round so hopefully we can all give a giant hug in the near future!

Warmest regards from Kjos,