My 2020 vision!

My 2020 vision!

New year means new goals, for me personally it is putting my health first, because as the flight manual says you first have to put the oxigen on you before you can be of any use to others!

Other goals is to continue pushing my handcraft forward, do more markets, spend more time on my hobby which is photography and get to planning the work needed my yard and home for the summer.

2019 is memorable for so many things especially who well my handcraft was received and the wonderful reception at the markets and shows. The time you put into your craft shows is evident in how it evolves and grows as you get to know the medium better and your skills improve.

The most interesting thing in working with mixed medium is the liberation it brings, working manly with pebbles and shells the shapes and texture gives me free range in the idea proccess.

Handcraft and Design, Night of Lights (Ljosanott) and other exhibitions and markets I took part in this year boosted my confidence but also the comments and positivity from my costumers that gave me the strength and courage to continue my work.

It has given me such pleasure how well my art has been received, what started out as a hobby at the kitchen table as now developed so much I had to move my artwork into a small guesthouse, now a workshop with a sleeping area! Next on the menu is to organize the workshop even tough I must admit my organized chaos will probably always be a harsh reality.

After organizing my chaos I want to create new opportunities, and the first part of that plan is to translate my website and Instagram to English. This is so my English speaking followers and users of my website will not have to depend on the Google Translate version, as it can be more for fun then function.

I wish everyone joy and happiness in 2020 and hope to enjoy many new and exciting adventures with you all.

Kind regards,