Sindrandi summer holiday

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Sindrandi summer holiday

We finally have some good weather to get some maintenance done

The talk of the town (or whole country more like it) is the weather, but that´ s nothing new as that has been the subject of the nation since the first viking landed. The thing is that the weather has been exceptional this summer and more than making up for the NO summer that we had last year. As well as us doing the maintenance we allowed ourselfs to go on a holiday to the Southern part of the country where we did the touristy thing like chase waterfalls, sunbathed, did some mini golfing and petted a Raven!

In the meanwhile Sindrandi Handcraft as been dorment but by no means neglected, because as many of you know that do art and craft you get your ideas when you step away from the day to day mundane. I have a few new ideas already written down and one that I will share with you at the end of this blog.

The Little Design Store (Litla Hönnunar Búðin) - Great start.

My pebble art got positive reviews and a very nice start at this wonderful store, Litlu Hönnunar Búðinni by Strandgata street in the town of Hafnarfjord and already some are sold which is very inspiring and motivating for me. The soul in the store is wonderful and it is such an honor to be a part of this venture.


As I mentioned before the mind opens up to ideas when you get away from the mundane. One such idea has been flying around in my head for a while actually, a bit like the material it´´ self, it needs to tumble around in the ocean to become fully rounded and polished before it can be used properly.

This is by no means a new idea for the use of the material but it is new for my craft. The working title is Haf-men, in english : Ocean - pendants and the idea for this is to use the sea glass in more ways then just my pebble art.

By doing this it will also contribute to our other project that is to clean our beach and recycling the pretty sea glass is more of a perk then pain so everybody wins. .

Here is a sample of one of the sea glass pieces, it had a obtained the heart shape after battling the ruff seas.

The idea is to either wrap then in wire or drill a hole in them and off er customers to buy either with a chain or leather string. This is not a part of any design concept, just using the material that other wise would go into a landfill. I look forward to sharing with you the fruits of the craft (after I have learned a better drilling technique :P ) but until then, enjoy the summer sweetness and as a side note, it is easy to order on our website, free domestic shipping to the nearest post office.

Kindest regards from Kjos