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Hello!  Today I made the decision to change the name of my artwork to ... well my name! Truly it is long overdue because the name Sindrandi was something I used when I was decorating candles which I stopped doing in 2017. But since I had made Sindrandi my brand I just decided to try to make it fit. The idea of changing the name started manifesting as I was doing the make over at my workshop. Little by little it became an idea that became doodles on paper and after that there was no turning back! I´ m positivie...

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The make-over took a bit longer then I thought it would initially, but as they say - good things come to those who wait! The art goddess in me is jumping for joy and is inspired to make new art and new ideas in this new wonderful work space :) This means I am open for business and I am able to receive orders on my website again. there are also some older pieces for sale in my online store. If you are interested in receiving information on new pebble art and blog on my website just register your...

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