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Life by the sea is a like a magical dance with nature, sometimes the dance is like a crazy foxtrot, but mostly it is like a wonderful gliding waltz. The weather can be quite shifty but I am never afraid, it is more of an admiration and respect for this power that controls our lives more than we care to admit. I am never bored by this dance, it keeps me focused and connected with nature, the envoronment and my self, this holy trinity that drives me forward as well as giving me balance. The mornings are my favorite time...

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The Sindrandi adventure continues and now we have a website which is a kind of intermediate part of our process and is, like any other adventure both a great lesson and so much fun. But our adventure is just about to start because now we have opened up a new and exciting chapter with new focus and even bigger goals. This blog is an informal forum where I give an insight into our life in our small municipal called Kjós, how country living just outside the city has changed our lifestyle or more precisely, our rhythm of life.. Fortunatly our...

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