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  In these strange times that we find ourselves living in there are a few things better then to be able to disappear into the world of crafting and find there a positive outlet for the situation. I am lucky enough to live in a very creative environment near the ever changing nature that is a constant injection for creativity, and my pebble art is a manifestation of that creative joy. Last year I blogged about slow crafting (slow movement) and how I felt that concept resonated perfectly with my pebble art. I feel that by using that method in...

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Life by the sea is a like a magical dance with nature, sometimes the dance is like a crazy foxtrot, but mostly it is like a wonderful gliding waltz. The weather can be quite shifty but I am never afraid, it is more of an admiration and respect for this power that controls our lives more than we care to admit. I am never bored by this dance, it keeps me focused and connected with nature, the envoronment and my self, this holy trinity that drives me forward as well as giving me balance. The mornings are my favorite time...

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