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Dásemdarbúðin, Litla Hönnunar Búðin, Samstarf -

Sindrandi Handcraft is grateful for the cooperation with The Little Design Store But from today Sindrandi artwork will no longer be available in this wonderful store. For those looking to purchase my artwork the online store is open

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Hafnarfjörður, Halló, Litla Hönnunar Búðin, Samstarf, Þroskasaga -

There are few things more boring then stagnation so it is best to avoid it. That beying said I am happy to announce that my pebble art is now available in a little store with a big soul, The Little Design Store situated in the beautiful Hafnarfjord. It is very exciting to have my art displayed in a store, feels very adult, but this also is a good indicator that Sindrandi is growing and evolving which is a joyous thing. I am looking forward to working with The Little Design Store and I hope our time together will be successful,...

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