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  In these strange times that we find ourselves living in there are a few things better then to be able to disappear into the world of crafting and find there a positive outlet for the situation. I am lucky enough to live in a very creative environment near the ever changing nature that is a constant injection for creativity, and my pebble art is a manifestation of that creative joy. Last year I blogged about slow crafting (slow movement) and how I felt that concept resonated perfectly with my pebble art. I feel that by using that method in...

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Breytingar, Fyrir og eftir, Make over, Vinnuaðstaðan, Vinnustofa -

The make-over took a bit longer then I thought it would initially, but as they say - good things come to those who wait! The art goddess in me is jumping for joy and is inspired to make new art and new ideas in this new wonderful work space :) This means I am open for business and I am able to receive orders on my website again. there are also some older pieces for sale in my online store. If you are interested in receiving information on new pebble art and blog on my website just register your...

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Biðlisti, Skipulagsbreytingar, Tækifærisgjöf, Vinnustofa -

Hi, in my last blog I mentioned that my workshop doubles as our guesthouse and as such it is time to make some changes so these two parts can function together. I have decided to do a make over in our guesthouse for both beauty and function. During this time I will not be able to take any orders since all of my material will be in storage as well as not having any workspace. I hope this will not take too much time and I will let you all know when I am open for business again. ATT! I...

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