Thank you very much Ljosanott (Night of lights)!

Thank you very much Ljosanott (Night of lights)!

I am over the moon about last weekend. After missing out on taking part in the Crafts tent I was offered a place in a private home by wonderful friends of mine, Heida and Ingvi, which I gratefully accepted.

The weather Gods were not on the Towns side on Saturday but people showed up anyway, a bit weathered with cold cheeks, a smile on their faces and each of them came with through the door with a gust of positivity.

I also had a special assitant! The spirit of the house was one of the things many people mentioned and how well they felt during their visit, I was very happy to hear that.

It was obvious what artwork was catching peoples eyes and clear that I have to roll up my sleeves for the next show, mostly in the category - Ást, vinátta og fjölskylda, fyrir næstu Ljósanótt!

Thank you again for the wonderful reception, the the positivite feedback and motivation that each and everyone of you gave me - what an inspiration!

There are exciting things ahead that I will let you all know about shortly but until then I remind you that you can order through my website

Kind regards, Geira