Wind of spring in a blissfully mindful state of mind

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Wind of spring in a blissfully mindful state of mind

Today´ s blog is about the change of pace and lifestyle the moved from city to country has done for us and what living so close to the elements has thought us. I am sure that this moves was in more ways than just cleaner air and less traffic but I had not actually thought about it until I stumbled on discussions about mindfulness. >Mindfulness!

Mindfulness is on of those concepts that has gotten some attention lately and to explain it simply it means to be able to relax and try to forget your surroundings for a moment. The reason I am writing about this concept is that I just figured out that I have been, unintentionally practicing mindfulness and decided to give this a closer inspection and try to get a deeper understanding of what it entails

Myy walks on the beach are a possible example of mindfulness because as I am walking, breathing in the fresh sea air spiced with some sweet country scent (combo that should be found in a scented candle if someone could catch it in a bottle) and as I walk I am not thinking about anything other then that moment on the beach.

After the beach combing is done, with my pockets full of today´ s catch I wander about and inspect our little spot of land and take time to look over to the ever changing Skardsheidi mountainheath. In truth most of this time I have not thought about anything else.

Next it´ s time for my pebble art and the same thing applies, I sit at the table, it is full of pebbles, shells, branches and whatever interesting I have collect. I listen to a podcast or audio book and start working.

More often then not the audio book is further along then I had noticed because I was so immersed in my work I did not notice the soft flowing words with no connection.

Sometimes I push rewind but more often I just let it be and continue working in an unintended meditation which I think many people that work with their hands can understand, where you just forget yourself in the work.

Perhaps handcraft and design should be used more as a real curriculum in the school system? The only demand should be that the material is recycled or repurposed, preferably something that the students have found and have the semester to design and craft a finished art piece or usable item. The curriculum would not be graded in the conventional way since it would be more the journey then the destination to finish the art/design work.

It is possible some schools already have some versions of this in their curriculum but reading news about the mental problems of young people today, in Iceland and other countries, perhaps unconventional ways should be tested in our school system! What is your opinion?

With mindful regards,