About us

The artist

I am named after my great great grandmother, a strong and beautiful name Geirþrúður (Gertrude) which I am very proud of and my middle name is the same as my mothers, Ósk (means Wish). I am born in February in 1977 and lived most of my life in Njardvik (near the international airport of Iceland). I moved to the capital to attend University but as an added bonus I found Hordur, my partner and better half. After getting a degree in History as well as Post-gratuate diplomas in Museum studies and Information Science, we decided to move to Kjosin.

I have always been artistic in nature but it was not until we moved to the wonderful countryside of Kjos that I was inspired to let that part of me free and see where it would lead me.

Why pebble art?

Pebble art came to me simply because I have always been drawn to stones and rocks of all kinds. I have been collecting them on my travels and walks, be it a rock from a mountain or pebble from a beach.

With pockets full of pebbles and stones and now living on a pebbled beach I began to play with my collection and after a few tries and fails I made my first ever pebble art inspired by the countryside "Love in the Highlands". Both my work and methods have gone through changes since then and so I am very excited to see what the future will bring.

Our wonderful Kjos

The Kjos itself is a constant source of inspiration and energy for my work. In November of 2016 we moved to Kjosin, a small municipal in a fjord called Hvalfjordur (Whalefjord). This change of scenery from pavement to a pebbled beach in the countryside with constant connection with the elements had me walking down at the beach every day with our dog Ares.
My first exhibition was at our local café, Kaffi Kjós in spring of 2018. My artwork was very well recieved and inspired me to continue on this path. You could say that from the get go I have been sailing on positive winds of inspiration landing safely in every port. 
My other half and partner in life, Hörður Jónsson designed and got the website going and for that I am both proud to have a beautiful website and for grateful for his part in making it a reality.
The website is both a showroom for old and new artwork as well as a webstore. You can also buy Made to order, just follow the instructions or contact through email regarding your preference. I try to follow your wishes as close as the material allows. 

Art exhibitions and sales markets




  • Kaffi Kjós
  • Kátt í Kjós - Market at Felagsgardur, Kjos
  • Christmas Advent market in Kjos
  • Mimos massage (exhibition)
  • Punt & prent Arts and Design store at Glæsibæ, Reykjavik 

    Thank you all so much visiting our website and hopefully both my art and our website will continue to grow and prosper in the near future. 

    Geira Geirs og Hörður Jónsson